The rise of Cryptocurrency

rise of crypto

The rise of Cryptocurrency

Digital is at a whole new level, digital assets are also pacing fast. We witness a rise in Cryptocurrency in today’s age. It unlocked a new era of trading in asset investments and returns. Web 3.0 is here to stay. Let’s transition to Web 3.0 from the prevailing 2.0.

Introduction of Cryptocurrency

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Crypto with Creative Market

The earth’s axis has been constantly shifting as per the capricious changes in the planet’s climate. The catalysts in our economies are drifting their course for a better tomorrow. We are dynamically heading for a digitized economy. One catalyst that has become vital to boom such an economy is Cryptocurrency. What is it? How did it come to be? Why are growth hackers and powerful industry leaders propagating its tale? What is special about crypto? How is it a part of a list of acceptable currencies to pay for merchandise in some parts of the world? You don’t need to be a coder or a tech-guru to understand its significance and its role-play.

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Think about Crypto as a digital form of payment mechanism, but there is no backing from the government. This form of currency uses encryption or cryptography to secure its transactions. Without cryptography, Cryptocurrency is non-existent.

In opposed to physical money, crypto forms a part of digital entries recorded in an online database known as the public ledger. This form of digital money requires no interference from the central government to conduct the purchase and sale of the transactions and to issue new units.

Cryptocurrency Companies in the Market

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Dogecoin fun?

No wonder, there is growing popularity of the crypto form of currencies. It’s the security feature that has been creating value in spearheading economic lives across the globe. Elon Musk, the pioneer leader in future generation vehicles and space tech, has become the evangelist to adopt Cryptocurrency as the accepted form of digital currency for his transactions. How’s Tesla as an example? As per the recent updates, Tesla has accepted ‘Dogecoin’, a type of Cryptocurrency, for merchandise purchases (Source: India Today). Interestingly, the price of the ‘Dogecoin’ jumped to about 16% upon Tesla’s announcement (Source: Zee News). All in a worth’s tweet, eh? Elon Musk tweeted about this special announcement on Friday. The rise of cryptocurrency isn’t a dream. It is real.

The idea of crypto has come a long way. People have been asking each other about its meaning, significance, and its power. Why is it becoming a popular form of digital currency? How has it bumped market shares and minted millions of dollars electronically? We trade Crypto on digital trading platforms such as Coinbase,, Uphold, and many more.

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The concept of crypto has been skyrocketing the digital markets in India. Advertisers have conducted campaigns with Cryptocurrency as its major product for promotion. Sellers have used crypto wallets as a potent form of compensation for advertising activities. CoinDCX and Coinswitch Kuber are indulging in funding investments and opportunities to secure themselves as crypto unicorn. Other top players in the Indian Crypto Market: WazirX, ZebPay, Smartcoin, BtcxIndia, Instamojo, and more are competing fiercely for their premier position on the crypto leaderboards. Let’s venture into Crypto’s story of how it came into the digital world and our creative minds.

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