More Motivational Poems (Part 2)

Motivational Poems Part 2

Have you read my previous poem(s) on Motivation? If not, please do read it. It will surely inspire you and motivate you in your daily tasks & activities. I personally wrote them spontaneously. I have penned some more motivational poems for you to see and read. Poetry that can help you overcome your demons and darkness is a must-read! READ ON!

Goodbyes to Bygones

Source: LinkedIn Business Stations

Let Bygones be bygones,

They are enough to start a drill,

Fresh we start, much away from our phones,

Yet, don’t think too much for you to take a pill.

Creative Soul

Source: Caverna Cosmica

Dance, sing, paint and write,

Refresh your memories of a teen,

Do not let yourself in a brutal fight,

This way you can get over the mean.

Happy Mind

Source: Medium

Smile and you will feel strong,

Laugh and your mind will clear,

Close your eyes and think of a blissful song,

Believe in yourself and you will conquer your fear.

Believe in Yourself

Source: Success Unlimited Mantra

Trust your soul and never let it,

breathe air like the digits of the pie (i.e. the endless math number & not the food),

Never let your guard down with a sigh,

Don’t worry lads, it is not the time for you to say goodbye!

Naina Singh Chauhan

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