Novi Sad ~ Another Sweet City of Serbia

Sweetness of NOVI SAD ~ Serbian Entourage!

The Floral Dress that I picked for Novi Sad

Now, did not have enough of Belgrade? Let’s Trott off to Novi Sad! You can get in 4-5 hours from the Capital City of Belgrade. Novi Sad is yet another sweet city in Serbia. It is the cultural capital of Serbia! A lot of good foods to devour in and places to visit! I totally loved it!! I was walking around the city with ease. You keep just walking and will find many attractions to visit and spend time with! I even found ducks! Let us see what this city gives us in return!?

The Main Church @ the Main Square (Novi Sad)!

But, wait, let’s eat first?

That is me eating the yummy pancake!

A view of the Church & the City?

Let’s dance through Novi Sad?

The Branded Shops @ Novi Sad
The Lovely Built Houses
I ‘ll ask you, who is he?
The Library!
Walkway to the old quarter!
Drink Guinness?? Beer? No, I don’t drink, sorry! Haha!

Naina Singh Chauhan

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