Motivation Poetry

Motivational Poems

Hey Everyone! I am back once again with the pen in her hand and writing away to glory! It’s time for some more motivational cues that can help you sail through the boredom and helplessness in the current quarantine period and other periods where your mind has been blocked due to many factors. Agreed? So, let’s jot down some fun poems!

Also, if you missed on the First set of motivational poems, please check them out! They are still here!


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Close your Eyes & Ale

Source: Kirk Eye Center

Close your eyes and smile,
Do not let your burdens to pile,
All of your days are not for sale,
if stressed and depressed, why not have some ale?

Peaceful Sleep for Sure

Get Smart on Sleep and Lighting - Best Buy Corporate News and ...
Source: Best Buy

Sleep peacefully with your eyes bright,
You know with you, there is always a guiding light,
I assure you that the future is magnetic,
Never ever think it is pathetic.

Anger is not Eleven

Cool Your Anger With This Calming Yoga Practice - Everything Zoomer
Source: Everything Zoomer

Anger is a deadly weapon,
But, how cool is the number lucky eleven,
Let’s believe in magic and fairytales,
Even as a grown-up, we mustn’t break our nails.

Your Mind and Sonnets

What Are Mind Maps and Why You Definitely Need Them? | Focus
Source: Mindmeister

Your mind is a collection of sonnets,
Pretty much strong as car bonnets,
Verse the lyrics on your fine lips,
Make sure you speak in adequate sips.

Dragons and Fairies

Fairy Warrior Princess Cora, Mistress of Dragons! Protection, Wealth ...
Source: Nose of Warlocks

Spit all the fire like a dragon,
To carry the happiness load on your wagon,
Let’s imagine our fairies near or far,
Now, all is packed up, let’s jump into the car!

Naina Singh Chauhan

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